Wireless and wired systems both deliver reliable security for any size home or business.  Often, both residential and business systems integrate the two.  Whether you plan to make those decisions yourself or you plan on letting your security company help you make those decisions you should be aware of the benefits of both types of systems.  Wireless technology has been used to secure residents for over 25 years.  Following are some of the advantages to wireless technology;

Cost - Wireless systems are portable, take it with you if you move.  It's easy to install and it will be easy for you to pack up and take with you.

Installation - It often takes up to half of the installation time for wireless systems which will require less time out of you schedule while supervising installation.

No Wires to Run - often times it can be difficult to find places to hide the wired systems and wireless technology may offer a more cost effective solution.

Wireless Touchpad

·         Keychain touchpad control is convenient and easy. No access codes to remember or forget.

·         Remote arming, disarming, light and phone control for added safety and convenience.

·         Provides a higher level of security because the system can be set with "No Delay"

·         Provides an instant alarm when a break-in occurs

·         Activate house lights remotely so you may enter safely

Wireless Panic Button

·         Can be worn throughout the day on customers premises indoors or outdoors

·         Provide police alarm when you feel threatened or in danger

·         Provides medical alarm when you need medical assistance

Automatic System Check

·         Reports to central station when a sensor stops working

·         Reports to the central station when a battery is getting low

Individual Sensor Identification

·         Every sensor is assigned to an individual zone

·         Central station can direct police/fire to the exact location of the home where the alarm occurred

·         Central station can direct service technician to the exact sensor which needs service or batteries

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