Burglar Alarms & Intrusion Detection Systems

Wireless Intrusion Detection for Business, Home, or Both

Get comprehensive security for your business and home. Burglar alarms or wireless intrusion detection systems protect against burglary, robbery and intruders. APOLLO SECURITY USA also offers a significant rebate when you buy both home and business intrusion detection packages.

These burglar alarms and security systems can be configured to meet various levels of protection and come with low monthly monitoring fees, fast alarm response, and great local service. Home security systems also include key features to keep you safe and secure, including some or all of the following:

·         Keypad

·         Control panel

·         Wireless receiver

·         Door sensors

·         Motion sensors

·         Siren and backup battery

·         Installation and training

·         Alarm cancel verification that confirms your system was properly deactivated

·         Power supply

·         Eight-zone system, expandable to 64 zones to accommodate business growth

·         35 pass codes to help provide each employee with a unique access code

·         Real-time clock helps time stamp events for documentation

·         24-hour zones can be used to help protect critical areas such as a safe or office

·         Manual police and fire emergency buttons

·         APOLLO SECURITY USA yard sign and window decal

·         Great local service

·         Fast alarm response

·         Low monthly monitoring fees

·         Easy-to-use systems

·         24-hour monitoring by trained Professionals

·         Business and Home Insurance Certificates

Get affordable security protection from APOLLO SECURITY USA by contacting us today!

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