Custom Home Services combines advanced technology and monitoring with the highest level of personal & professional service.

For the past 15 years, APOLLO SECURITY USA has been helping to protect some of Colorado's most luxurious homes. Today, we also help protect many homes, companies and even governmental agencies.

APOLLO SECURITY USA has custom home services representatives take the time to get to know you and to understand the life you lead. We can offer you our services with security, video and lighting solutions you require and request. The system can be installed with minimum disruption and with sensitivity to your décor and aesthetics.

The one constant is our goal - to help protect the most important people on the planet; your loved ones & to offer superior service and support.

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APOLLO SECURITY USA Custom Home Services Security Solutions:

I.  Monitored Security Solutions
APOLLO SECURITY USA provides easy to use monitored security solutions including protection and fast response to burglary, fire, smoke, high levels of carbon monoxide, high and low temperatures as well as medical emergencies.

II.  Video Solutions
APOLLO SECURITY USA video solutions offer local and remote video access that can help you keep your eye on the people and things your care about most.

III.  Additional Benefits of APOLLO SECURITY USA;

Ø  You will own your equipment

Ø  Month to Month Agreement

Ø  Credit for Referrals

Ø  Top Quality Equipment

Ø  Not Proprietary

Ø  Monitored in Colorado

Ø  References Upon Request

Ø  Customer Service Based

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