The Security Industry is Growing...

In 2000, Americans spent an estimated $17.5 billion on professionally installed electronic security products and services. (This figure includes monthly monitoring fees); previous totals are: $16.2 billion in 1999, $14.9 billion in 1998.

Spending on electronic security products and services is growing at estimated 8.7% per year.

In 2000, an average of approximately 12,000 businesses nationwide were classified as "alarm installing entities."

By the end of 2001, it is projected that approximately 17.5 % of the households in the United States will be protected by professionally installed and monitored electronic burglar alarm systems.

From 1990 to 2000, consumers spent more than $42.8 billion on home security installations (This figure includes monitoring costs).

Security Systems Reduce Burglaries...

Homes without security systems are about 3 times more likely to be broken into than homes with security systems. (Actual statistic ranges from 2.2 times to 3.1 times, depending on the value of the home.) Businesses without alarm systems are 4.5 times more likely to be burglarized than commercial locations with electronic security in place.

Losses due to burglary average $400 less in residences with security systems than for a residence without security systems.

Police Believe Security Systems Reduce Burglaries...

90 % of police believe alarms deter burglary attempts.

In 1994, the International Association of Chiefs of Police passed a Board Resolution stating that professionally installed and monitored alarm systems are useful instruments to deter crime and provide peace of mind for residential and business owners. The organization also pledged to work with the alarm industry to help reduce the problem of false alarms.

People Feel Safe with Security Systems...

94 % of alarm owners are satisfied with their alarm systems.

A total of 76,045 arson offenses were reported in 1999. Structures are the most frequent targets of arsonists, comprising 45 % of the reported incidents in 1999. Residential property was involved in 61 % of the structural arsons during the year, while 43 % of the arsons were directed at single-family dwellings.

In 1999, the monetary value of property damaged due to reported arson averaged $10,882 per offense.

Of the arsons cleared in 1999, 48 % involved only young people under the age of 18, a higher percentage of juvenile involvement than for any other crime.

The Cost of Fire
Self-installed smoke alarms save lives by alerting sleeping residents to get out. Electronic fire alarms not only alert residents, they can also automatically notify the authorities, saving property in addition to lives.

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