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You work hard to provide your family with the safety and home security they deserve. But your busy life sometimes takes you away from them. APOLLO SECURITY USA has a way for you to see that everything’s all right with your own eyes; home security surveillance.

With home video surveillance equipment, you can see video from your home from almost anywhere in the world! You get a system with indoor or outdoor color cameras that can be viewed from any web-enabled computer, cell phone or PDA* . Or, view  video from any room in the house on any connected TV** or dedicated monitor!


  • See who’s at the door before you open it

  • Confirm your teenagers have arrived safely home from school

  • Watch the baby while you get things done around the house

  • Check in on your home from the office or while away on vacation or business travel

  • Look in on vacation or second homes

  • Receive email alerts at the first sign of trouble

  • View video from your web enabled cell phone or PDA

  • Save up to 30 days of continuous activity with a DVR

APOLLO SECURITY USA helps protect your privacy with data encryption and security features similar to those utilized for online banking and credit card transactions. The home security surveillance video is safe and only available to you!

Video Surveillance may help you prevent break-ins!  Installing a home security surveillance system is a huge deterrent to home invasion.

The Choice for the Best Service & Price…APOLLO SECURITY USA

*  Cellular data providers may charge data transfer fees for accessing this system on wireless devices. 
**  May not be compatible with certain television models. 

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