Access Control Systems help you control what goes in and out of your business, including the profits

Access Control Systems are a solution that can provide your business with the security benefits of access control plus more. This means it can help you control employee access and schedules, and know who’s going where and when, from any computer with Internet access, and receive real-time information via e-mail or text message.

If you can open a Web browser, you can use Access Control. With an access control system, you have a choice of using a secure Wireless Wide-Area Networking (WWAN) or Internet-ready panels to service single, or even multiple facilities and entry points, with no specially designed PCs or networking required.

Advantages that simplify your security

A cost-effective solution — Access Control is designed to work the way you work and grow when your business grows, all within your budget.

  • Can reduce key management—Employee turnover and rekeying costs

  • Event/Transaction reporting—Audit trail for analysis

  • Real-time access monitoring—Can help track movement through office, inventory room, shipping and receiving, and computer rooms

Can reduce potential risks —Limit access to high-risk or sensitive areas and use reporting to help provide information on access events.

  • Can reduce shrinkage—Can help reduce employee and vendor theft, can help improve incident awareness and response and help enhance risk management

  • Can reduce workplace violence—Limit access to restricted areas and allow or restrict the access with different user levels or by time frames

Access Control Systems